SWPL Affirms Affiliation with NISA and Plans for NISA Nation Championship

Published Jun 20, 2023

LA MIRADA (June 20, 2023) – The Southwest Premier League (SWPL) announces further alignment with its fellow affiliate leagues and a new NISA Nation National Championship.

A new agreement provides increased options and developing opportunities for NISA’s affiliations with the Southwest Premier League.

The SWPL has increased its partnership with NISA by creating a promotion/relegation syste with NISA Nation Southwest Region.

“This is an exciting moment of expansion for both NISA Nation and the Regional Premier Leagues. We think this updated agreement will be a win-win situation for the leagues and clubs that remain the heartbeat of the game in the United States, and we will continue to forge that connective path from amateur to pro for players and clubs alike,” NISA Nation Director Matt Morse said in a statement.

As with its previous agreement with NISA, the SWPL receives merit-based spots in the annual NISA Independent Cup tournament and its clubs have access to training compensation for clubs whose players are signed by NISA pro teams.

The new agreement outlines provisions for reinvestment in NISA Affiliate activities, up to and including a NISA Nation National Championship Tournament in a format that includes both NISA Nation region champions and NISA Affiliate league winners.

Totaling more than 200 clubs, NISA Nation and its affiliates are active in discussions to partner with other elite State and Regional leagues.

Email NISA Nation HERE for more information on how your league can affiliate.